What This Blog Is About

Repetition, Depth, and Simplicity

These have become the key elements of my photos. It has taken a while before I came to that realization.

The first time I bought a camera with the intention to really start photographing seriously was in 2009. I bought the first micro 4/3 system camera, the white Olympus Pen E-P1, more for esthetical reasons than for photographic ability. It didn’t have a view finder for instance (I can’t live without one anymore) making it very difficult to see what I was photographing during sunny days. The low light performance was also very poor, making the camera almost useless during dusk. It was a very pretty camera though.

It didn’t matter that it had limitations, because I was having fun taking pictures. Not that the pictures were great to begin with. I didn’t know anything about photography nor handling my camera back then. I didn’t take the camera off auto mode for a long time and also didn’t edit my pictures. That slowly changed.

I devoured every article, video and podcast about photography on the web in my quest for knowledge about how to become a better photographer. Slowly I learned how to use my camera in manual mode and even started editing my pictures. I bought different lenses. My increased skill also called for a better camera because the limitations of the E-P1 started to bug me. It was in 2012 that I bought a camera, which I was happy with (it had a viewfinder and was better in poor light).

I still didn’t have a clue what my own style was supposed to be, though. I just took pictures of what I liked and kept learning about technique rather than form. It wasn’t until after I completed my Han River project that I realized there is a pattern in my pictures that I like. One or more of the following elements are present: repetition, depth, and simplicity. Scroll through my series of best images and you’ll see what I mean. Now if a photo I take doesn’t contain one of those elements, it is dead to me.

That brings me to the subject of this blog: my style and vision. There are already so many blogs that talk about gear, technique or how to be a great photographer in 5 simple steps. I will write on neither of those subjects (unless it is to make fun of it now and then). I want my blog to be educational to the absolute beginner that just knows how to press a button, to the professional who seeks more in-depth-content about photography. So I will write about vision and style, while making fun of the listicle blogs occasionally.